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BG Entertainment

Art and Culture at the center of everything

Sobre Nós

About Us

We are a hub of agencies that offer specialized cultural management services in the areas of music, shows, music publishing and labels, films and documentaries.

Our goal is to be a reference point in the cultural management sector, providing an environment of support and excellence for artists and sponsors.

We seek to boost the cultural and artistic scene, promoting development and growth opportunities for emerging talents, as well as offering the resources and services necessary for artists to reach their maximum potential.

We want to be a reliable and visionary partner, working together with our clients to create innovative and successful projects.

Our passion for culture and art drives us to offer creative and professional solutions, contributing to the enrichment and diversity of the cultural scene.

Our team is made up of professionals passionate about the world of entertainment, each specialized in their area of expertise. We work closely with artists, producers, filmmakers and creators, offering comprehensive support at every stage of projects.

Áreas de Atuação

Areas of expertise


Live music

We work closely with artists looking for opportunities to perform, release music and build a solid fan base.


In the field of shows, we have expertise in event production, from small showcases to large festivals. We create the perfect lineup for your event and also create special shows, designed for that special occasion.


Publisher and Music Label

Regarding recording, we have our own label for promotion and distribution of selected artists and we are also a music publisher.


Films and Documentaries

In the world of cinema and documentaries, we offer complete production and post-production services. We work alongside filmmakers and documentary makers, from project conception to completion, bringing inspiring stories to the screen.

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